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    Health Information

    Here you will find general information on a variety of health related issues frequently found in schools: head lice, ringworm, Fifth’s disease, how flu travels, vomiting and diarrhea, MRSA, chart on how some infectious diseases are spread, and importance of hand washing.
    As a part of this comprehensive health care program, the following screenings are conducted with McMillan Junior High School students:
    • Vision and hearing screening of 7th graders
    • Acanthosis Nigricans screening done with all 7th and 8th graders
    • Scoliosis screening done on all 8th graders
    Parents will be notified if results from any of these screening procedures suggest the need for further evaluation by the student’s physician.
    School nurses are supportive partners with parents by ensuring their child’s medical needs are monitored and through early nursing intervention decrease school absenteeism and increase the instructional time inside the classroom. This partnership is successful with the parent’s participation in reviewing the attached policies, procedures, forms, and health information. All parents need to complete the Annual Student Health History.
    We care about your student and know that students must be healthy in order to be educated, and they must be educated in order to remain healthy.
    Parents are encouraged to contact the school nurse for any problems or questions.
    Lisa Burns, RN, BSN
     972-429-3233 Phone
     972-941-9941 Fax

    Forms and Documents

    1. Annual Student Health History 2013-2014. Every student needs to have one filled out.
    2. Chart of Required Immunizations 2013-2014
    3. Immunization Resources List of shot clinics
    4. WISD Medication Policy and Procedures For Parents
    5. Parent Request Form For Administration Of Medication At School Parents permission and signature to give medication at school.
    6. Student Asthma/Allergy Action Plan Anyone with asthma that uses an inhaler/nebulizer or food allergies requiring an EpiPen must fill this out and parent and student need to speak with nurse
    7. Asthma Action Plan Students personal peak flow meter instructions and treatment plan, parents and student need to speak with nurse.
    8. Information For Parents/ Guardians with Diabetic Student
    9. Diabetes Management and Treatment Plan Parent and Physician signature required, is students personal treatment plan to manage their diabetes at school. Parents and student need to speak with nurse.
    10. Parent Authorization for Administration of Diabetes Management and Care Services By Unlicensed Diabetes Care Assistant Need parent signature.
    11. Seizure Action Plan Students personal treatment plan for seizures. Parent and student need to speak with the nurse.
    12. Watch Out For Scoliosis Information for parents explaining what Scoliosis is.
    13. Watch Out For Acanthosis Nigricans Information for parents explaining what Acanthosis Nigricans.
    14. List of Community Resources For Vision and Hearing