Harrison Media Center

  • Summer Library Checkouts:

    Click on the form below and fill it out to borrow books, puzzles and activity kits during the summer.  This form will be available from May 31st - August 5th



    Click HERE for access to the online catalog 

     Destiny Discover

    Click HERE for access to SORA for ebooks and audiobooks


Media Center Hours and Information


    The media center is open everyday from 7:45am to 3:45 pm.


    When will students be able to get books?


    In person students will come to the library is small groups during their ELA class time for hands-free book checkouts once every other week.  



    Online students will have online library instruction and assistance during their ELA class time.  We have a wide variety of books for students to check out online through our SORA ebook and audiobook site.  If online students would like a chance to checkout physical copies of books from the library they may contact Mrs. Unger via email for more information.


    email Mrs. Unger:  kristy.unger@wylieisd.net