Counselors - Mrs. Ashley Rinn and Mrs. Dalila Nastase

  • Check out our Counseling Calming Room here: 
    Students: Please click the link below to fill out a request form to meet with the counselor.
    Parents: Please contact a counselor directly via email or phone.
    Dalila Nastase-5th Grade
    Ashley Rinn-6th Grade
     Keep Calm and see your school counselor

    • The Wylie ISD Guidance and Counseling Department, in partnership with parents, staff, and community, will provide developmental services to all students through guidance curriculum, responsive services, individual planning and system support, which will prepare them to lead successful and productive lives.


      • Through guidance curriculum, we will facilitate awareness, skill development, and application of the skills needed in everyday life.
      • Through responsive services, we will address immediate concerns of students with prevention and intervention strategies.
      • Through individual planning, we will assist students in student planning and goal setting.
      • Through system support, we will provide consultation and education to students, staff, parents and community.


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