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  • Welcome back to school!!

    We are committed to learning AND safety!!


    on campus

    • Library capacity is limited to promote social distancing.
    • Users must wear a mask properly.
    • Student must have chromebook or badge to enter. 
    • Everyone must sanitize hands upon entering.
    • One class only will be using the library at a time
    • Scheduled student drop in times will be shared with teachers. 
    • No shared computer use which includes catalog searching, or printing.
    • Students are expected to bring their school issued chromebooks with them when visiting the library.
    • Makerspace activities and projects suspended for the first 9 weeks of school..
    • For the purposes of COVID tracing, the librarian will keep track of who visited the library each day along with approximate time of visit.
    • When seated, students will adhere to social distancing.
    • Library materials will be quarantined for a minimum of 3 days after being returned.
    • Touchless check-in and check-out will be utilized as much as possible.
    • All surfaces such as tables and chairs, will be cleaned after student use.
    • Students will be expected to follow guidelines posted.




    • Lessons given to in person learners will be recorded and available to be shared with remote learners. The librarian may also connect with remote teachers to be available for virtual lessons.
    • Remote learners may contact their librarian by email to arrange a curb-side checkout.
    • SORA Online books, Wylie ISD Databases, and all usual online resources are available.
    • Librarians will plan and work with all teachers as usual, therefore, the collaboration between the teachers and librarians that enhances classroom plans will be available in person and online in whatever lesson plan is posted/shared.
    • Google troubleshooting is also available through email and Google Meets
    • Basic technology troubleshooting can be received through Google Meets and email request

Pre-Covid Media Center Hours

  • 7:45 -8:05: Study Hall
    Students may spend mornings in the Media Center!  In the Media Center, students may read, work on homework, or use the computers for school related projects.  We have a capacity of 85 kids; first come, first served. 
    8:15-3:30: Scheduled class visits
    Every two weeks, students come to the Media Center with their ELAR teacher for book check-out.  Teachers also schedule the Media Center for research and projects as their lessons and curriculum require it.  We are a busy place and usually have 2-3 classes utilizing the space and materials all day!  Contact Mrs. Mosby to volunteer in the Media Center.
    3:30-3:45: Study Hall (Tuesdays until 4:15 PM)
    Students may work on the computers or at the tables on homework or projects.  A printer is available for school projects. Late hours are available with an appointment.  Please email Ms. Mosby to schedule time.