Library Overview

  • Each child at Watkins Elementary has library every week. Kinder and 1st may check out 1 book. and 2nd - 4th may check out 2 books. If your child is not finished with the book/books they have chosen they may renew those books on their scheduled library day, but they must bring the book with them as well.
    I am implementing a new incentive program for each child called Li"BEAR"y Dollars. All the boys and girls are loving this. They earn Li"BEAR"y Dollars by bringing their checked out books to library time each week (whether they are done or not), paying attention and respecting others and the books, and most important by showing The Wylie Way. There is a menu posted in the library of what they may "purchase" with their Li"BEAR"y Dollars. Anything from reading with a stuffed animal that waits for them on the bookshelves to being assistant librarian for their class time. If you see these green Li'BEAR"y Dollars floating around, please have your child bring them to school so they may spend them on their library day. 

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