Dodd Library
    Welcome to the Dodd Library Webpage
    The Dodd Library welcomes all students to enter and discover the world of reading. The Dodd library nutures our children's curiosity and promotes lifelong learning by providing access to books, technology, and mentoring to all students.
    By the end of their elementary education, students will know how information is organized in a library, search online for books, perform online research using databases, and enjoy hundreds of books in a safe, positive environment.
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    General Information

    Our doors open at 7am for Morning Library.

    Check Out:

    • Loan period: 1 Week
    • Kinder:  1 Book
    • 1-4:  2 Books
    • No late fines, but students may not check out a new book until overdue books are returned
    • Lost/damaged books must be paid for, either in money or work ($5 per 20 minutes)


    To volunteer, contact or the Dodd Elementary PTA.

    Online Resources:

    2019-20 Fundraisers:

    • Scholastic Book Fairs
      • Fall: 10/31 to 11/8
      • Spring: 2/27 to 3/6
    • Box Tops
      • All year!