• Teaching Schedule:

    1st period: Advanced English I

    2nd period: Advanced English I

    3rd period:Conference/PLC

    4th period: English I

    Power Hour

    • A Lunch Freshmen Seminar
    • B Lunch Freshmen eat lunch

    5th period: English I

    6th period: English I

    7th period: English I


    MANDATORY SUPPLIES (most kept in backpack)

    Writing utensils (pens and pencils)

    CHARGED Chromebook and charger 

    One composition notebook ( kept in classroom)

    Earbuds/headphones that plug into chromebook 

    A folder or one section in a binder used for other classes

    IR book(Independent Reading) 

    Highlighters (4+ colors recommended) 


    Recommended Supplies (to be kept in backpack)

    Personal hand sanitizer

    Personal Kleenex pack

    Notebook paper to be used for any class


    Teacher Wish List (NOT required)

    Hand sanitizer


    Tutoring Schedule

    • Before school: By appointment (not available Monday mornings)

    •  A Lunch Tutoring: Wednesday; By Appointment: Monday, Tuesday, Friday

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