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    Welcome to the exciting world of the IPC Dream Team where we will study our world, matter, energy, and the interactions between them.  Really, Biology, Chemistry and Physics are the study of how everything lives, interacts, works, moves, and are.  We study this by observing interactions and playing with lots of toys while discussing the theories of Curie, Newton, Einstein, and other amazing scientists.  Science is where we ask a lot of questions for which there are not always answers.  Enjoy the ride! 
    All information can be found on our class google classroom
    email Heidi.Kamilar@wylieisd.net is the easiest form of communication for this class.  I try to respond within the day.  
    Tutorials:  Tuesday & Thursday 4:30-6:30pm in the library and Fridays second half of lunch in 916.  Email to schedule alternative timed tutorials or tutorials on google meets.
                Mrs Kamilar's Schedule
                1st Period     IPC
                2nd Period   IPC
                3rd Period    IPC
                4th Period    IPC
                5th Period    Conference
                6th Period    IPC
                7th Period    IPC
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