• You take it for granted that Olympic athletes and professional musicians must practice relentlessly to perfect their craft. Why should you expect the craft of thought to require anything less disciplined? Fierce attention to clear and precise writing is the essential tool for you to foster independent judgment. That is rhetoric.

     ~Scott L. Newstok "How to Think Like Shakespeare"


  • Mrs. Caitlin Waits
    Dual Credit 2327, 2328
    Creative Writing
    0 hour: Tutorials
    1st: Dual Credit 2327
    2nd: Conference
    3rd: Dual Credit 2327  
    4th: Dual Credit 2327  
    5th: Dual Credit 2327  
    6th: Creative Writing
    7th: Early Release
    0 hour: Dual Credit 2327  
    1st: Dual Credit 2327  
    2nd: Conference
    3rd: Edgenuity/ Tutorials
    4th: Dual Credit 2327  
    Lunch: Dual Credit 2327  
    5th: Edgenuity/ Tutorials
    6th: Creative Writing
    7th: Early Release
    Tutorials: MWF before school, Tues/Thurs 3rd period, 5th period, by appointment! 
    Email: Caitlin.Waits@wylieisd.net
    Dual Credit Email: Cwaits@Collin.edu (please use your Collin account to contact!)
    Phone: 7405
    General FAQs
    Can you do after-school tutorials? 
    This year, I have a baby at home and I need to get home for her. I am scheduled to arrive at 7:30 AM every day and can work with you before school or during my Edgenuity periods. I'm also available via email almost all the time.
    Dual Credit FAQs
    How can I prepare for Dual Credit? 
    Read. Read a lot. Read news magazines and articles online, read fiction books, read non-fiction, read religious texts, listen to podcasts-- fill your mind with information and ideas! 
    Do I need to buy a book? 
    You may choose to purchase a physical copy of our book OR the ebook version on Perusall. This year, I am using  The Norton Anthology of American Literature, 9e Shorter, with the first volume in the fall and the second in the spring. I do recommend the physical book; research and experience suggests it's easier to read and digest.
    Can I email you for an update about my student?
    Per FERPA, I cannot email anyone other than a student without a student-signed FERPA release form and a scheduled meeting with a photo ID presented. Collin does prefer to have a dean available to meet with us as well. 
    Can I check my student's grades on Canvas? 
    Again, per FERPA, the school cannot share that information. What your student shares with you is up to your student. 
    Can I email you at your Wylie account to introduce my student?
    I would love to hear from you with an introduction! However, I will not be able to respond. Please know I very much appreciate your investment in your student's education! 
    I'm happy to answer questions about the dual credit program and policies as much as I can. I am able to email regarding my syllabus and other publicly available information. However, I cannot discuss individual students or grades via email. Please feel free to email me! 
    Thank you! 
    Caitlin Waits, M.A.