Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a “mega lunch?”

    A “mega lunch” allows for one lunch period at the high school. Currently students at Wylie and Wylie East eat at different times within a set block.

    What schools have “mega lunch?”

    Both high schools utilize the mega lunch format.

    Why do we want to change our lunch schedule?

    To create a schedule allowing flexibility during the school day for students and teachers to focus on learning, intervention, tutoring, and building relationships through clubs/organizations.

    What are the benefits of a one, hour-long lunch:

    • Flexible Schedule
    • During the day EOC remediation/study opportunities
    • Tutorial time built into the school day and removal of traditional barriers for tutoring
    • Reduce classroom disruptions
    • Improve teacher relationships with students
    • Allow for campus wide and/or class wide events without disrupting classroom time
    • Improve student moral
    • Increase student and staff participation in clubs

    Have you talked to students? Staff?

    We have. Over the past few months, we have talked to our Principal Advisory Committee, department heads and the faculty. We have conducted teacher and student surveys. In April, a group of administrators visited a campus currently utilizing the one lunch period. The feedback has been overwhelmingly in favor of this concept.

    What are the concerns and how will they be addressed?

    • Exiting the parking lots: Campuses will open all exits and have staff monitor them
    • Disruptions/fights: the new schedule will allow us to increase staff supervision and duty stations
    • Seating concerns/Crowdedness: increase outdoor seating and areas available for students to eat throughout the campus
    • Lunch Lines: students will have the opportunity to eat at any time during the one hour long lunch, eliminating longer lunch lines, we will add food kiosks for students in hallways
    • Trash: add additional trash cans and space them adequately throughout the building
    • Underclassman not taking advantage of the tutoring available: we will identify “radar” students and schedule mandatory tutoring sessions

    Still have questions?
    Contact your campus for more information.