About George W. Bush

  • George W. Bush

    We are proud to present our new school, Bush Elementary, named after our former United States President George W. Bush.  This is the eleventh elementary school to join our family of Wylie schools.  Bush Elementary opened in August 2016.

    George W. Bush began his career in the oil fields of West Texas. He was successful in the oil industry and purchased a share of the Texas Rangers baseball team in 1989. Mr. Bush was elected Governor of Texas in 1995 and became the first person elected to two consecutive terms as governor of Texas from 1995 – 2000.

    In 2001 he was elected as the 43rd President of the United States and would continue to serve his second term from 2006 -2009. During his time as president, George W. Bush focused on legislation that centered on student success in the classroom.