•  Mr. Fields 

    U.S. History

    College and Career Readiness 


    Class Schedule:

    1st: (8:15-8:59) US History
    2nd: (9:03-9:53) US History
    Patriot Plus (9:57-10:24)
    3rd: (10:28-11:12) College and Career Readiness (Remote)
    4th: (11:16-12:06) College and Career Readiness 
    5th: (12:10-1:00) PLC / Lunch
    6th: (1:04-1:54) US History 
    7th: (1:58-2:42) US History 
    8th: (2:46-3:30) Conference


    There will be at least one or two history teachers available for tutorials each afternoon. Please notify the teacher you plan to meet with before attending afternoon tutorials. 
    I will be available for tutorials on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons 3:30-4:00pm.