• 8/6/19  **Our schedule will be different this year, and I will post it as soon as it is finalized! Thank you!
    Class Schedule: 2018-2019
    1st Block 8:15-9:33 ELAR 
    2nd Block 9:36-10:13 ELAR
                    10:16-10:53 P.E. (Curriculum planning/Conference period)
                    10:56-11:35 ELAR
    3rd Block 12:08-1:28 ELAR Advanced (Homeroom)
                    12:04-12:34 D lunch
    4th Block  1:31-2:49 ELAR Advanced
    Student electives  2:52-3:24 (Curriculum planning/Conference period)
    *Each Wednesday, all Harrison students have an alternate schedule, including lunch. 
    *Please call or email me to schedule a parent conference. Since your child is in a family with 4 core teachers, it is most efficient if we all meet together after school when possible.  Whatever your preference, I can make happen as long as I know in advance. Please call the school or preferably email me at: shannon.trout@wylieisd.net
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