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    Reading is not only important throughout the school year; it is also crucial in the summer months. Reading increases vocabulary skills, writing abilities, comprehension levels, and literacy. By reading in the summer, students retain valuable information from the prior school year while also working to prepare for future instruction. Research shows that, by working to build lifelong readers, we are also working to build lifelong learners.

    In the Wylie ISD, we want our students to find reading intellectually stimulating and engaging. For this purpose, we provide suggested works for our students with the hopes of giving them ownership of their reading journey. We want to empower our students by providing choice; we want to build a love of literacy.

    Summer reading is a vessel for progress—it paves the way for new learning and opens the door for profound achievement. We look forward to supporting our students and guiding them in their journey to become readers.

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    Visit the Smith Public Library to keep up on your summer reading!