• We have 3 very distinct programs that support our learners.

    Choice Academic High School has 70 work stations to serve students who work best in an alternative learning style utilizing computer aided instruction.  These students will graduate with a full high school diploma and be able to continue on with any post high school education they wish.  All Choice students take a course in college and career readiness to help them prepare for their future.  In the past nine years we have had over 600 graduates.  

    The Transition to Life program serves special needs students who have completed their high school courses of study but need additional support to become employable and continue to develop independent living skills.  This class is specifically designed for students to learn living and job skills.  They also have work areas to design and make the items sold by Handmade Creations, their classroom business.


    Discipline Alternative Education Program (DAEP) students continue their education on this campus when they are sent from their home campuses with disciplinary issues.  We emphasize respect  and personal responsibility as a requirement for all interactions.