Bond 2014: UPDATE

  • Thanks to the 2014 bond, Wylie ISD was able to meet the needs of our growing enrollment and update numerous features throughout the district. Now, Wylie ISD boasts the best facilities in all of North Texas. We are extremely grateful to the Wylie ISD parents and community members for their support of the bond. After a lot of planning and construction, all of the work promised in the bond has been delivered! Check out these videos for more detailed information on the bond projects at both Wylie East High School and Wylie High School.


  • On Tuesday, November 4, 2014 Wylie ISD residents resoundingly passed the $94.2 million bond package. Here are the facts you need to know:
    • This bond package will not increase local taxes and focuses on updating four key areas:
      1. Safety Concerns
      2. Technology Upgrades
      3. Renovations and Additions
      4. Provision for Future Growth.
    • Breakdown of approved spending:
      • $2.5 Million will go towards addressing campus and facility security needs by installing or increasing security cameras, outdoor lighting, perimeter fencing, and badge security system.
      • $5.2 million will bring the aging technology infrastructure up to 21st Century standards by upgrading the wireless network and providing a long-term solution for wireless network replacement for technology infrastructure.
      • $26.3 million will be used for renovations and additions by addressing wear and tear issues on all campuses, but particularly at the 18-year-old Wylie High School.

        These repairs include plumbing, HVAC, flooring, electrical, roofs, and other key systems.

        These funds will also be allocated in response to parent requests for new programs and provide college-readiness opportunities with new additions and renovated spaces for secondary campuses including a centralized junior high tennis facility, Orchestra facilities at our junior highs and high schools, an extra-curricular building at Wylie East, auditorium updates at Wylie High, a culinary arts center with public restaurant at Wylie High School, and information technology/engineering space, business/banking/finance space and health sciences space at both high schools.

      • Finally $60.2 million will provide for future growth.

        Our schools are already reaching unsustainable capacity limits, and new housing developments project to bring the district 250 new students each year.

        This proposal will allow the district to maintain current feeder patterns and accommodate new students by increasing the enrollment capacity at all intermediate and junior high campuses, setting aside funds for a new, larger elementary campus and to replace 28 buses, all with more than 10 years of service.

    Bond Information Sheet