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  • poetry Welcome to Mrs. Dillard's Advanced Math Classroom! I am passionate about teaching and exploring concepts with my students. I want them to learn how they can think outside of the box with math concepts and when solving problems. I want my students to experience the greatness of the "Art of Math" as we explore relationships between numbers, unknown quantities, operations, representations, different problems-solving approaches. 


    My Daily Schedule                          
    1st period-8:15-9:01- Pre-AP Algebra I                                
    2nd period-9:05-9:56- Pre-AP Algebra I
    3rd period-10:00-10:46- Pre-AP Algebra I
    4th period- 10:50-11:45- Pre-AP Algebra I
    5th period- 11:49- 12:44- PLC/Lunch              
    6th period- 12:48-1:43- Pre-AP Algebra I
    7th period-1:47-2:33- Pre-AP Algebra I
    8th period- 2:40-3:30- Conference Period
     Tutorials- - every morning from 7:50-8:10