Welcome to 8th Grade PRE-AP ENGLISH:
    I am very passionate about 8th Grade Pre-AP curriculum and looking forward to a great year of student success.
    Welcome to VIDEO PRODUCTION:
    Calling all reporters, editors and producers!  Projects, videography, writing, reading, reporting, interviewing teachers and peers, editing/layout, the movies, television, commercials, History of Cinema and news are the focus of the class.  As a bonus, students will learn the process of creating well written, scripted news, film and edit the campus news called "The Morning Toast." 
    1st period:   PRE-AP ENGLISH 8
    2nd period:  VIDEO PRODUCTION
    ~BUC BONUS~(study hall)
    3rd period:  planning/conference
    4th period:   PRE-AP ENGLISH 8
    5th period:   VIDEO PRODUCTION 
    6th period:  lunch
    7th period:  PRE-AP ENGLISH 8
    8th period:  PRE-AP ENGLISH 8
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