Welcome to Mrs. Fisher's Language Science class

  • Welcome to our classroom!

    I am excited to be at Cooper Junior High School.  This year I will have classes at Cooper Junior High and Wylie High schools.  Here you will find the following information: Classroom Schedule  -  8:15 - 9:01 First period (CJHS), 9:05 - 9:56 Language Science, 3rd period  10:00 - 10:46 Language Science (CJHS); 4th period 10:50 - 11:45 (CJH), 5th Period 11:49-12:44 Conference,  6th period 12:48- 1:14 PLC CJHS), 1:42-4:20 Language Science class (WHS). 

    Listen to students about what's it like to have dyslexia  

     Visit the following website to get information for parents and students to help your student understand dyslexia and ADHD www.understood.org