School Information

    Birmingham Elementary  
    700 West Brown
    Wylie, TX 75098
    Fax: 972-442-1215
    School Hours: 7:30am-2:45pm 
    Office Hours: 7:00am-3:30pm

    In an effort to ensure all of our Bears are safe and our traffic is moving smoothly and safely, we need to make sure that everyone follows the morning drop-off and dismissal processes. 

    For details, please see the illustrated map.

    All parents who wish to park and walk their child to the front door each morning need to park in the Parent Parking lot on the west side of the building or in the Parent Overflow Parking lot on the east side of the building. These parking lots are shaded PINK on the map.

    Parents who wish to enter the building in the morning with their child will need to park in the designated Parent Parking lots, enter through the front office and check-in with campus personnel to receive a Visitor badge.

    The parking lot located inside of the drop-off and pick-up loop has now been designated Staff Only Parking- shaded GREEN on the map; this is in an effort to decrease the amount of traffic stops at the crosswalk before and after school.


    • Parents may drop-off in the front of the building or in the loop on the east side of the building.
    • Please do not drop-off your child in the middle of the Staff Only Parking lot; this is very dangerous.
    • All students (K-4) will report the gym and sit with their classmates in designated areas.
    • Students who wish to eat breakfast in the cafeteria will report to the gym once they have completed their meal.
    • Each teacher will come to the gym to welcome students and escort them to class each morning.
    • To ensure that students make their way to classrooms quickly and are able to engage in conversations with their teachers, we are asking that parents not walk their child to class or to the gym. We want to support an environment of independence and confidence among our students.


    • Friendly reminder: please keep your child’s car tag visible for staff; this will assist in keeping our dismissal moving smoothly. Thank you!
      -Car tags are provided by the school; if you lose or misplace your child’s car tag, please contact the office for a replacement.
    • All students who are picked up by car each afternoon will walk with their teacher to the Parent Pick-up/Drop-off loop.
    • All parents who wish to park and walk-up to get their child will need to park in the designated Parent Parking lots and use the sidewalks to meet their child. (Crosswalk will only be used for loading students in Lane 1.)
    • If you are walking up to pick up your child, please make certain that the teacher on duty is aware of the child leaving with you.
    • We will utilize both lanes for loading students in the afternoons. Vehicles in Lane 1 (left lane) will load on the driver’s side; Vehicles in Lane 2 (right lane) will load on passenger side at sidewalks.
    • Only Daycare buses and Wylie ISD school buses are allowed to pick-up in the front of the school each afternoon.
    • Friendly reminder: It is a traffic violation and a safety hazard to park your car in a designated fire lane.