About Future Problem Solvers

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     Global Issues
    Through an international competitive instructional program students learn critical thinking, creative problem-solving processes, and how to work with others in designing positive futures.  Students read a future scene, find the challenges, and pose viable solutions.  They then evaluate solutions to create a written action plan to present to a specific audience.  In groups of four, students complete two practice problems before competing in the state qualifier in January.
    Community Problem Solving (CmPS)
    Teams apply their future problem-solving skills to real problems in an identified community.  A community problem is a problem that exists within the school, local community, region, state, or nation.  Actual implementation of the action plan is included in this component.  CmPS students move from hypothetical issues to real world, authentic concerns while applying their creativity and problem-solving skills to solving a community challenge.  As a team, students complete an essay explaining the details of their project, create a scrapbook, and produce a 90 second public awareness video. 
    Future Problem Solvers meets each week:
    FPS will meet on Wednesdays from 3:30pm until 5:30pm.
    CmPS may require additional meetings on Saturdays to complete the action plan for the project. 
    Please see Mrs. Schepps in room 322 for an application. Applications are due by August 29.