Adventure Camp

  • Each year our 5th graders travel to the Collin County Adventure Camp, located in Anna, TX.  They spend three days and two nights at the camp, exploring an outdoor lifestyle that revolves around hiking, canoeing, fishing, personal reflection, and more.  The camp teaches a curriculum that is aligned with the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills), while also integrating social studies, reading, writing, and math.
     For more information on the camp itself, just follow this link:
  • We will be departing for camp Wednesday, October, 25 and returning Friday, October 27 and Monday, October 30 and returning Wednesday, November 1. All parents who wish to chaperone will be accepted, as long as they complete a background check and Fast Pass for the 2023-2024 school year. Chaperones must ride the bus to camp and stay at camp for the entire time. Please be sure you can make the commitment before agreeing to chaperone. Chaperone fee is $170.00


    • Cost: $180.00 per student (payment method: cash, check, or credit card)

    $170.00 per adult chaperone

    Full payment due on or before Friday, September 29, 2023

    Please make checks payable to Harrison Intermediate or HIS

    An online payment link will be made available through an email from your students' science teacher.

    • Forms: Forms are due back to your science teacher by Friday, September 29, 2023
    • Date: October 25-27, 2023 (Dragons, Golden Bucs, Rising Sun)
    • Date: October 30- November 1, 2023 (El Conquistador, Valor, Eclipse, Black Pearl)
    • Location: Westminster, TX
    • Transportation: WISD school buses
    • Cabins: 12 students and 2 adults per cabin, teachers have separate cabins
    • Nurse: Harrison Int. School will bring a certified nurse
    • Student/Teacher Ratio 25:1, Student/Parent Ratio 6:1
    • Curriculum: TEKS based: 8-10 learning sessions 
      • Field Investigations, Scientific Method, Conservation, Systems, Cycles, Forces, Astronomy Telescopes, adaptive characteristics of species, ecosystems and niches, inherited traits of offspring in plants and animals, characteristics of our environment, landforms-weathering and deposition of sediments, physical characteristics of the earth and moon, team building opportunities: ropes course, fishing, archery, canoeing
    • More Information:


    Please contact your child’s science teacher if you have any questions.

    Black Pearl : Lori Gray

    El Conquistador: Elizabeth Reggans

    Valor: Tiffany Lynn McLarty

    Eclipse: Ruth Hernandez

    Dragons: Cera Byrum

    Rising Sun: Jennifer Garcia 

    Golden Bucs: Samantha Nielson