• Welcome to Speech and Language
    with Mrs. Walker!
    In my classes, we work on many different skills related to COMMUNICATION:
    • Articulation producing specific speech sounds correctly, speaking slowly and carefully in order to be understood, not omitting sounds or parts of words when speaking
    • Language oral vocabulary (synonyms, antonyms, homophones, idioms); oral grammar; following verbal directions; listening in order to identify details, make predictions and inferences, or determine the main idea; verbally sequencing a story or task; creating oral sentences with varied structures, increased complexity, and more elaboration
    • Fluency speaking more smoothly and improving stuttering by reducing the frequency and duration of sound repetitions, prolongations, or blocks 
    • Voice improving the quality, intensity, or resonance of the voice by learning and practicing healthy speech habits, as well as correct use of the "speech machine"
    • Social Skills using language effectively for different purposes (greeting, requesting, informing), changing language according to the needs of a listener or situation, following verbal and non-verbal rules for conversations and storytelling



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