Daily Orientation                                     

    • Follow your student’s Daily Schedule
    • Stop by the office if you have any questions throughout the day
    • Be approachable – smile, talk to the students, listen to them
    • Be smart – follow the school’s policy on appropriate conduct and behavior with the students and faculty
    • Be alert – if a situation arises, please report it to a school official
    • Be available – the goal is to be of service to the school, teacher, and students
    • Be a positive role model 

    Please follow these district guidelines while on duty 

    • Never use the student (boys’ or girls’) restrooms
    • Always use the faculty/staff restrooms.
    • Never be alone with students
    • Follow school’s confidentiality policy regarding students and staff
    • Do not use profanity
    • Do not use any form of tobacco on the school grounds
    • Do not share religious or political views
    • Limit personal use of cell phones
    • Never engage in any conduct that brings disrespect to yourself or your student(s) 

    Thank you for volunteering at Davis!


    Watch D.O.G.S Registration Form


    MOD Squad Registration Form


    Volunteer Background Check


    For more information, please contact the PTA representative, Kathy Griffith, or the Davis Campus Secretary Tina Pousson 972-429-3328.