• Hi! I am Ms. Bradshaw and welcome to 6th Grade ELA!  I have taught English Language Arts & Reading for 8 years, and I spent 4 years teaching English as a Second Language.  My classes are filled with interactive lessons that allow students to be an active participant in THEIR learning.  I strive to create daily lessons that involve Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, which are skills used to differentiate lessons as well as strengthen student skills. Throughout the year we will be Reading and Writing to not only prepare students for the next grade level, but to ensure their success this year.  This year, we will grow as readers and writers.  My goal is to foster  learning in an environment where students feel safe to share, ask questions, and demonstrate their learning.  



    8:15-8:57 a.m Maruader Minds

    9:01-9:43 a.m   Planning

    9:47- 10:29 a.m Conference

    10:33-11:33 a.m  Block A

    11:34-11:44 a.m RECESS

    11:45-12:15 p.m  Lunch

    12:19- 1:20 p.m  Block B

    1:24-2:25 p.m  Block C

    2:29- 3:30 p.m.  Block D