• Welcome to Third Grade here at Bush Elementary! Below you will find some information about daily routines and expectations.


    General Information

    School hours are 7:30am to 2:45pm. Breakfast is served from 7:00am to 7:25am and learning begins at 7:30. Please ensure your student eats breakfast, either at home or at school, and arrives at class on time. A good breakfast is critical in the learning process–it’s much easier to learn on a full stomach!



    Once you designate a way for your student to be dismissed–car rider, walker, bus, pick up, or AlphaBest–that will be the daily expectation. If something changes, please call and notify the front office before 1pm that day.



    Communication is so important. The Thursday folders will go home on Thursdays. They will need to be read, emptied, and returned by the next day, Friday. Also, make sure to join our class’s Facebook group. Finally, a class newsletter will be sent out on #day.


    Snack and Expectations

    Snack is at 9:00am. Your child is responsible for bringing and maintaining their own healthy snack. A few examples are fruits, veggies, pretzels, goldfish, and crackers. Our class has several nut allergies so no nut-based snacks of any kind are permitted. Additionally, snacks should be easy to eat with their hands and not require a utensil of any kind. For drinks in class, only water is permitted, no juice or milk of any kind.


    Lunch and Visitation Policy

    Lunch is from 12:10 to 12:40. You are welcome to come to school and join your child for lunch beginning the week of August 28th, 2023. Due to school policy, you may only bring food for your student only. Bringing food for a student who is not your child is not permitted due to safety reasons. Additionally, only your child can eat with you at the parent table. Thank you for being considerate of the rules and policies we have in place.


    Birthdays and Expectations

    Birthdays are exciting and celebrated! There are several guidelines to follow. For students with birthdays during the school year, they will celebrate on the day. If their birthday falls on a weekend, Saturday birthdays will be celebrated on the Friday before. If their birthday falls on a Sunday, it will be celebrated the Monday after. Birthdays that fall on breaks or on holidays will be celebrated the next available school day. Summer birthdays will be celebrated, if possible, on their half birthday. Your half birthday is six months after your birthday. For example, my birthday is June 5th, so my half birthday is December 5th.

    School policy states you may only bring individually wrapped goodies that list all the ingredients on each bag. Students will take the treat home and enjoy it there after school. You may also send birthday party invitations to school. There must be enough for each child in our class or they will not be passed out.



    Everyone is encouraged to be a volunteer in third grade. There are many different volunteer opportunities for you to take part in. Some of the opportunities include PTA, classroom help (prepare materials, copy, cut laminated materials, room parents), and field trips.  Another way to volunteer is by donating classroom materials that have started to run scarce. 

    *Please remember, in order to volunteer in the classroom, come or help with parties, or work with the children, you must have a background check completed and on file for the current year. You must re-apply at the beginning of every school year.