• Hi and welcome to the Draper Choir page! 

    On this webpage you'll find important dates for choir students, my classroom schedule, and other important information. 


    Miss French's Classroom Schedule

    8:15-8:54: 5th Grade Choir (1A)

    8:54- 9:33: Visiting Cooper JH/ Wylie HS (1B)

    9:36-10:15: 6th Grade Choir (2A)

    10:15-10:51: 5th Grade Choir (2B)

    10:54-12:13: Conference/ Lunch (3A)

    12:13-12:48: 5th Grade Choir (3B)

    12:51-1:30: 5th Grade Choir (4A)

    1:30-2:09: 6th Grade Choir (4B) 

    2:12-2:51: 6th Grade Choir (5A)

    2:51- 3:30: 5th Grade Choir (5B)