• About Mr. Derek Kay

    Wylie High School, Wylie ISD

    • AP Human Geography
    • World Geography




    Quick Bio

    After a long career in software development, I transitioned to teaching in 2018, when  I completed credentialing and a Master's of Education. I have also frequently been involved in coaching athletics, either as a volunteer or for school. Both of my children were D1 athletes (Baylor and Cal), as was I in football and track. I love travel, history, language, and culture, and learning and teaching about all of these things. After graduating from Yale University with a BA in East Asian Studies - Japanese Language, I spent some time living and working in Tokyo as a translator and a writer. Subsequently, I spent time traveling the world both for business and pleasure, visiting over 27 countries. I hope to be able to convey my enthusiasm and first-hand experiences to the students of AP Human Geography, to assist in their learning and broaden their perspectives.  



    Note for Parents

    Please feel free to contact me at the email or phone number listed above if you have any questions about the class, curriculum, or if you would just like to chat about your child. Otherwise, I will try to regularly communicate what we are doing in class so that you will be well informed to have discussions with your students. Most class agendas and materials will also be posted in Google Classroom for your access. Your role in your child's education is critical, so I appreciate parents who are involved and work cooperatively toward that goal.  I look forward to having a wonderful and productive year with your students!