• What to expect in Reading Class

    Seventh grade Reading is a course that emphasizes reading, attentive listening, creative and critical thinking, and literary analysis. Students are introduced to different elements of literature that include nonfiction, short stories, dramas, poetry, and novels.                                   

    Class work and Communication

    I use Google Classroom to post most of my assignments.  Students will be given a classroom code to gain access to my Google Classroom. I will also send out emails to remind parents and students of upcoming major grades.  The best way to contact me for questions is by email- cindy.ell@wylieisd.net .
    I strongly recommend checking the gradebook which is located in Skyward at least once a week; this will help parents and students stay on top of grades and school work. 

    My Schedule    
    1st Period: Athletics
    2nd Period: Reading
    3rd Period: Conference 
    4th Period: Reading
    5th Period: Reading
    6th Period: Lunch/PLC
    7th Period: Reading
    8th Period: Athletics


    Monday 7:45-8:10 Ell               Monday 3:30-4:00 Bryant
    Tuesday 7:45-8:10 Isrealoff     Tuesday 3:30-4:00 Berry
    Wednesday 7:45-8:10 Ell         Wednesday 3:30-4:00 Bryant
    Thursday 7:45-8:10 Isrealoff   Thursday 3:30-4:00 Berry
    Friday 7:45-8:10 Berry             Friday 3:30-4:00 B.A.O.

    Any 7th grade reading student may attend any scheduled tutorial session, regardless if it is with their teacher or not. We are all here to help each of you. If you have specific work you are making up, please let your teacher know you will be attending tutorials so your teacher will have your work ready for the teacher with tutorial duty that day.