• Welcome to Mr. Munguia's School webpage:

    Teaching Schedule:

    1st Period: Algebra 1

    2nd Period: Algebra 1

    3rd Period: Algebra 1 Advanced

    4th Period: Algebra 1 Advanced

    Power Hour: Tutoring except Monday A Lunch

    5th Period: Algebra 1 Advanced

    6th Period: Algebra 1 Advanced

    7th Period: Conference/Planning

    Tutoring Schedule:

    Before School: Tuesday-Thursday (8:10-8:50 A.M.)

    Power Hour Tuesday-Friday 

    How to Stay Connected:

    For all my classes, I will use Google Classroom to post notes, assignments, and answer keys. Any time a student is absent, they will be able to find all classwork in Google Classroom. Parents may email me to join Classroom as well if they would like.

    For Algebra 1 Advanced, we will be working with Springboard. The online textbook, as well as extra practice exercises for each unit are available with the students' Springboard login.