• Welcome to Mr. Munguia's School webpage:

    Teaching Schedule:

    1st Period: Algebra II

    2nd Period: Algebra II

    3rd Period: Algebra II

    4th Period: Conference/Planning

    5th Period: Algebra II Advanced

    6th Period: Algebra II Advanced

    7th Period: Algebra II Advanced

    Tutoring Schedule:

    Before School: Wednesday-Friday (8:10-8:50 A.M.)

    Power Hour A Lunch: Tuesday-Thursday (12:40-1:10 P.M.)

    After School: By appointment only (please notify me 1 day ahead of time)

    How to Stay Connected:

    For all my classes, I will use Google Classroom to post notes, assignments, and answer keys. Any time a student is absent, they will be able to find all classwork in Google Classroom. Parents may email me to join Classroom as well if they would like.

    For Algebra II Advanced, we will be working with Springboard. The online textbook, as well as extra practice exercises for each unit are available with the students' Springboard login.