• Wylie High School Choir

    Class Schedule:

    1st Period: Women's Chorale

    2nd Period: JV Mixed - Select Women and Select Men

    3rd Period: A Cappella Choir (10-12 Auditioned)

    4th Period: Tempo (Auditioned Show/Pop)

    5th Period: Bel Canto

    6th Period: Chamber Singers

    7th Period: Men's Chorale


    Music Literacy

    Including but not limited to:

    1. define concepts of music notation, intervals, and chord structure using appropriate terminology
    2. define concepts of rhythm and meter using appropriate terminology and counting system
    3. explore elements of music such as rhythm, meter, melody, harmony, key, expression markings, texture, form, dynamics, and timbre
    4. apply health and wellness concepts related to music practice such as body mechanics, hearing protection, vocal health, hydration, and appropriate hygienic practices
    5. read and notate music that incorporates rhythmic patterns in simple, compound, and asymmetric meters
    6. interpret music symbols and expressive terms referring to dynamics, tempo, and articulation


    Creative Expression

    Including but not limited to:

    1. demonstrate mature, characteristic sound appropriate for the genre while sight reading
    2. demonstrate psychomotor and kinesthetic skills such as use of appropriate posture, breathing, text, diction, and articulation while singing
    3. demonstrate rhythmic accuracy while sight reading using a counting system within an appropriate tempo
    4. demonstrate use of a melodic reading system such as solfège, numbers, letter names, note names, or scale degrees while sight reading