• Dear Pirate ~ 

    This campus is my alma mater, and the alma mater of four younger siblings.

    WHS is a special place, I know it firsthand, and over a longer period of time than most. We deal here, in hopes and dreams, much like any school.

    That said, unique to this building is the pirate's unbreakable spirit. While the exterior of this building certainly changed since I graduated in 2010, the care-for, can-do, AHMO-bring-it soul has not. In my humble estimation, it lives here all the stronger.

    I'm privileged to be instructing your student in one of three areas this year. Freshman Advanced Biology, Upper Level AP Biology, and/or Academic Decatholon. Greatly pleased to be co-coaching with the excellent veteran team sponsors Ms. Megan Miller and Mrs. Amy Hunt.

    My classroom is located on the third floor, facing the main hallway, closer to the cafeteria than the bus loop. Room 315. Open for the entire lunch hour, both to food and your child's best friend forever. The microwave is for the students, at least that's who end up using it most. 

    I've always found that young people particularly appreciate candor, respect, and trust. In turn, AHMO ask them to believe in themselves. Everything follows from there. Strong work ethic, respect, and my most favorite word. Sincerity. The only currency that truly counts. Glad to be working with your student, and I'm most happy to address any questions, comments, or concerns. Please don't hesitate in reaching out.

    You can get in touch most conveniently by email ~ sabique.gazi@wylieisd.net  That is the wylieisd email, rather than gmail. Of course, to err is human, but arr says the pirate. 




    Mr. Sabique H Gazi

    "Sa'beek Ga'zee"

    WHS Class of 2010


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    • 1P (ADV Biology G9)
    • 2P ( Academic Decathlon)
    • 3P ( AP Biology G10,11,12)
    • 4P (Planning)
    • Campus Mega Lunch 
    • 5P (AP Biology G10,11,12)
    • 6P ( ADV Biology G9)
    • 7P (ADV Biology G9)

  • Tutorials Offered 


    Lunch (Appointment*)


    Morning  (Appointment*)  

    Lunch (Full Hour)

    Evening School (4:30 - 6:30 PM)


    Morning  (Appointment*)  

    Lunch (Full Hour)


    Morning  (Appointment*)  

    Lunch (Full Hour)


    Lunch/Mornings in Room 315

    Evening School in Library


    *For Appointments, Please Email


    Not through School Gmail