• Dear Parents & Students,

    Welcome back from the summer break!  I hope everyone took time to rest and relax because we are about to dive into World Language and use the language!  Remember that our district's goal as World Language teachers is to create a world in which culturally aware students engage as global citizens through proficient multilingual communication.   How do we plan to do that?  Students will participate and use the target language in class from the start!  It has been a great start for many of our students and I am so proud of them. 

    To be the best they can be, they will need to interpret reading and spoken Spanish, process active interpersonal conversational Spanish and be able to listen and present  longer more formal Spanish information.  We call these the three modes of language; interpretive, interpersonal and presentational Spanish. 

    Specifically for la clase de Sra. Nelson

    Materials Required:

    • Chromebook omebook with working Wifi

    • Pencils and/or pens, color pencils or crayons/markers 

    • Kleenex (We do go through a ton!)


    Course Requirements:  Students are required to participate in class activities on a daily basis.  Students are expected to speak in the target language.  Mistakes will happen.  You will not be criticized for making mistakes!  I do need students to understand that my job, when you make a mistake, is to rephrase what you said correctly so you can hear it and repeat it correctly.  That is not a criticism.  It is a learning technique!


    Technology:  Electronic devices will be used often for classroom activities. Please make sure your device is with you and charged.  CELL PHONES are not technology when they are used to check texts, any messaging service, or keep your streak alive.  When technology is used in this way, be prepared to have this distraction removed.  


    Attendance:  Attendance is vital in order to learn a foreign language.  Because we are meeting daily, make sure you have someone in your group that you can contact if you are absent.  Being tardy for class is just as much of a problem as being absent!!  Missing class can affect your ability to know where we are and what we are doing.  Try your best to be on time.


    Late Work:   If a student is aware that their work is not going to be on time, students are encouraged to communicate with me about it before the due date. When a student allows due dates to pass unnoticed, it will be considered late.   During the fall, late work will be accepted only within five (5) days of its original due date.  During the spring, the transition to high school expectations will be applied to late work and will be accepted only within three (3) days of its original due date.  


    Grading Scale:  

    40% Daily participation and assignments/quizzes

    60% Tests/Projects

    *There will be a minimum of twelve (12) grades throughout a quarter:  nine (9) daily grades and three (3) tests.  


    Retesting:  Retesting is available to students who score lower than 70 on a test or project.  The student must notify the teacher that they wish to retest.  A tutorial session is required as part of the request for a retest.  After a student receives notice of a failing test grade he/she has five (5) school days in which to complete the tutorial and the retest.  It is a shared responsibility between student and teacher to schedule the retest.   The highest grade that can be given for a retest is a 70.  


    Tutoring: If the lights are on and the door is open, tutorials are available.

    Before school from 8:20 AM to 8:50 AM. 

    After school from 4:25 PM to 4:45 PM. 

    During school tutorials are 4th period in the library with various teachers all year.  There will be times when I have duty and can not tutor during lunch.  

    If you have any questions or concerns about Spanish, please reach out and let me know so we can work together toward your success!