Mr. Poole’s Chess Club

    • Meets Every Wednesday Room 108 
    • From: 3:30-4:30 pm 
    • Open to 5th/6th Graders
    • 24 slots available (first 24 turned in are accepted, if space is limited)

    Chess is a fun game and it's relaxing, and chess helps you focus. In the chess club, you can verse your
    friends or peers. Chess club has you play a game of challenge, that can be fun once you learn how to play
    and which strategies to use against your opponents. All ability levels are welcome. You will learn
    how to play the game of Chess.

    Rules of Conduct at Chess Club
    ● No disruptful talk.
    ● Be mindful of other games around you.
    ● Don’t comment on other students’ games.
    ● Use good sportsmanship.