• Welcome to the Weibel Writing Workshop -- aka 7th Grade Writing


    I look forward to a great year welcoming you to the Burnett family.  Junior high school can be an exciting and sometimes daunting idea.  I promise I will be available to help you navigate our writing class and other things that may challenge you this year.  

    My goal is to make each of you stronger, more confident, writers.  Writing is more than putting pen to paper or pressing keys on your Chromebook to create words and essays  Ultimately, writing is talking or communicating in a written form.  If you can have conversations you can become successful writers.

    If you have questions about assignments, need additional help, or just need an ear to listen you are welcome to speak to me before or after class or send me an email at any time.  My email address is Michele.Weibel@WylieISD.net.  I do my best to respond to email messages within 48 hours, excluding evenings and weekends.  

    I believe in communicating and giving students plenty of notice for assignments, due dates, and expectations.  I will frequently send "email blasts" to students and their families.  Please ensure that the information for you in Skyward is current because email blasts will be sent through Skyward.  



    Mrs. Michèle G. M. Weibel

    7th Grade Writing Teacher

    Burnett Junior High School