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    Teaching Schedule:

    1st period: Conference/Planning

    2nd period: Spanish 2

    3rd period: Spanish 2

    4th period: Spanish 2 

    * Power Hour *

    5th period: Spanish 2 

    6th period: Spanish 2 

    7th period: Spanish 2 

     * 12:40 - 1:40 POWER HOUR   


                         Mon           Tues          Wed          Thurs           Fri
    Before                        (AM Duty)  (by Appt.)            
    Power     Unavailable  (A Duty)      A lunch        A lunch     (A Duty)
    Hour                                                  B Tutor       B Tutor                   


    The goal of Spanish 2 is for students to be able to communicate on several familiar topics in short social interactions.  Students will be able to:

    • exchange personal information
    • ask for and give simple directions
    • interact with others in everyday situations
    • tell about a familiar experience or event
    • give basic instructions
    • present basic information about a familiar person
    • give information about themselves in a written format (letter, blog, etc.)
    • ask for information in writing
    • write about a familiar experience or event
    • understand simple questions and statements on familiar topics
    • understand the main topic of a simple conversation they overhear
    • understand simple information when presented with pictures and graphs