The Diversity & Inclusion program is an extension of the Wylie Way philosophy. It focuses on bringing people together and providing a more supportive environment for everyone in our school community. The Wylie Way is a movement in our schools that fosters responsible, caring, and ethical young people through an emphasis on the core values of the Wylie ISD community. The core values are fundamental beliefs of the Wylie Independent School District. They are the guiding beliefs that dictate the behavior and actions of our employees and students.

    • Respect and Responsibility
    • Caring and Giving
    • Grit and Preparation
    • Gratitude and Celebration


    The vision of the D&I Program is to enhance an environment where diversity is leveraged as a strength and where ALL of our educators, students, and families have a true sense of belonging, where they feel valued for the uniqueness that they bring, and where they feel safe to do their best work.


    Diversity is the variety that makes up our school community, including but not limited to someone’s race, color, religion, gender, disability, or age. Our latest district demographics can be found on our District Statistics dashboard.


    Inclusion is creating a climate and culture where every person has a sense of belonging, a place where they feel valued for the uniqueness that they bring, and a place where they feel safe to do their best work.


    We define, manage, and model the policies regarding discrimination and harassment that we have in place in our board policy. To report an issue of discrimination or harassment, please visit our Discrimination and Harassment page.


    If you have any questions, please email Reggie Bibb, Director of Diversity & Inclusion.

  • D&I Stakeholder Group
    2021 - 2022 Year-at-a-Glance



    Focus Item



    (July 26)

    Follow-up in August

    Send out communication and scope and sequence of Stakeholder Group Meetings


    September 16

    Defining, Managing, and Modelling D&I in Wylie ISD

    Pillar 1 (All are invited)

    October 19

    Identifying, recognizing, and celebrating students, staff, and heroes and holidays that matter to us

    Celebrating Unity Day

    Pillar 5

    November 16

    Embrace character education and student discipline practices - the Wylie Way.

    Pillar 4

    December 7

    November 16th Follow-up meeting

    Pillar 4

    February 15

    Identifying professional learning opportunities

    Pillar 3

    March 15

    OKGs - How to identify, attract, and retain quality staff members.

    Pillar 2

    May 19

    Celebrating World Day for Cultural Diversity 

    Pillar 5 (All are invited)


Department Staff

  • Reggie Bibb
    Reggie Bibb
    Director of Employee Relations & Title IX Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the philosophy behind the program?

  • What are the goals of the D & I Program?

  • Are parents allowed to be involved?

  • How do you monitor the program’s effectiveness?

  • How will I know when more information is available about the program’s progress?

  • Who can we contact if we have any questions?