• Coach Meeks


    2nd period - Room D110

    6th period - Room D109

    7th and 8th periods - Room D107


    Classroom Expectations: 

    Be on Time, Be Prepared and Be Responsible

    1. Coach Meeks will utilize Google Classroom for most all assignments, reviews and tests.

    2. Bring your chromebook fully charged daily and everyone needs composition notebook and writing utensil DAILY.

    3. Be respectful to your teacher and fellow students.

    4. You are responsible for your grade - everyone begins with a 100 average - it is YOUR job to keep it!



    1. ALL Tutoring will be scheduled with Coach Meeks.  If you need tutoring then you will need to have a conversation with Coach Meeks.  

    2. Mandatory tutoring and Not Yet Finished Lunch can be assigned if your assignments are NOT being completed and your grades are below average.

    3. Tutoring days are Monday and Wednesday afternoons (3:30 pm - 4:15 pm)