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  • Science is mankind’s effort to learn about our world through the processes of observation and experimentation. Along with learning basic science processes and skills, our class will be focusing on the following areas this year:        

    Lab Safety and Components of the Universe                                 

    The Sun, Earth, and Moon

    Global Weather Patterns

    Forces that Change the Earth 

    Interdependence Among Living Systems

    Force and Motion

    Atoms and the Periodic Table

    Chemical Formulas and Reactions

    My main goal as your teacher is to help you succeed both in the classroom and in life. Science is a fascinating and applicable subject that helps us better understand the workings of the world around us. Even more important, though, I want each of you to fall in love with learning. No matter how old we get, our ability to learn and understand new things plays an important role in our lives. I want each of you to become lifelong learners!