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    Go Green Grant

    The After School/Go Green Endowment welcomes proposals for grants of $100–$500 for projects that address Wylie ISD Go Green initiatives. These inititives should ensure the educational resources necessary so that students are empowered to be among the key stakeholders shaping their futures.

    Go Green applicaitons will be using the established Grants For Teachers application with a few designed workarounds.  Please note these for a streamlined process.  


     screenshot grant intro

    screenshot grant type


    When you hit save the application will automatically advance to the next page. You can go back as often as you like until you submit your application. The rest of the application you fill out as is until you reach the Program Outcomes/Evaluation section. There are a few sections you don't need to complete so just write "Go Green" in those spaces.

    Here's the blank application page:

    blank outcome screenshot

    And here is how you as a Go Green Grant applicant will fill it out:

    green outlines

    You can log in and out as often as you want. Once you hit submit it is final.



  • Go Green Rubric

    Our reviewers score the applications using this evaluation criteria. Keep the evaluation criteria in mind while writing your grant. Our reviewers have to make difficult choices on which grants to fund so help them to understand the impact the money will make to your classroom or your students.

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  • Go Green Grant Working Document

    Here is a the grant application with the modifications for the Go Green Grant in Word format for your use. This will allow you to work offline, share with any proof readers, and keep a final copy in your own files. 

    When you copy and paste your answers the application site will change the formatting. This is an issue we are actively working on. Please know grant reviewers understand that the formatting is not the applicant’s doing.

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