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    Teaching Schedule:

    1st period: Spanish 1

    2nd period: Spanish 1

    3rd period: Spanish 1

    4th period: Conference/Planning

    * Power Hour *

    5th period: Spanish 1

    6th period: Spanish 1

    7th period: Spanish 1


    * 12:40 - 1:40 POWER HOUR     A LUNCH / B LUNCH TUTORIALS




    Before           Monday                      Tuesday               Wednesday            Thursday               Friday

    School           8:20 - 8:55              8:20 - 8:55            8:20 - 8:55             8:20 - 8:55           (Morning duty)


    LUNCH         "B" 1:10-1:40           "B" 1:10-1:40     (Lunch duty)           "B" 1:10-1:40        (Lunch duty) 


    After school I am available almost every day; however, I do request that you make an appointment with me at least 24 hours in advance.




    Students in Level 1 Spanish are expected to reach a proficiency level of Novice-Mid to Novice-High by the end of the course.  Here are some characteristics of the Novice-Mid to Novice-High learner:

    Novice-Mid Students--

    • express meaning in highly predictable contexts using memorized and recalled words/phrases.
    • are best able to understand aural cognates (words that sound the same in two languages), borrowed words, high frequency, and highly contextualized words with repetition.