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    Welcome to Mr. McMahon’s American History Class . We will be covering US History from the period of European exploration and colonization until 1877 and the end of the Era of Reconstruction.  


    Mr. McMahon’s  Schedule

     1st Period– American History -8:15-8:59

    2nd Period– Advanced American History- 9:03-9:51

    Patriot Plus- Remediation and enrichment period -9:55-10:30

    3rd Period– American History - 10:34- 11:21

    4th Period– Advanced American History- 11:25- 12:12 

    5th Period– PLC -12:16-1:03

    6th Period– Conference Period - 1:07- 1:54

    7th Period- Advanced American History - 1:58- 2:42

    8th Period– Advanced American History- 2:46 - 3:30


    Tutoring Schedule:

    Will be released soon




    I use Google Classroom to post many of my assignments. Students will be given a classroom code to gain access to my Google Classroom. Parents may also request access to view their student's Google Classroom site. I will also send out emails to remind parents, guardians and students of important upcoming due dates, grades, and other information. The best way to contact me for questions is by email: matthew.mcmahon@wylieisd.net . I also recommend checking the gradebook which is located in Skyward at least once a week; this will help parents, guardians and students stay on top of grades and schoolwork.