Brian McClure
  • Cooper Junior High Art Program 

    Welcome to __Art Class_____________________. 

    Mr. __Brian McClure________ 


     1st Period– Art 2

    2nd Period– Planning/Conference

    Patriot Plus- Remediation and enrichment period

    3rd Period– Art 1

    4th Period– Art 2

    5th Period– Lunch

    6th Period– Art 2 Advance

    7th Period- Art 1

    8th Period– Art 2

    Tutoring Schedule:

    Monday and Tuesday Morning 7:45am - 8:10am 



    I use Google Classroom to post many of my assignments. Students will be given a classroom code to gain access to my Google Classroom. Parents may also request access to view their student's Google Classroom site. I will also send out emails to remind parents, guardians and students of important upcoming due dates, grades, and other information. The best way to contact me for questions is by email:  I also recommend checking the gradebook which is located in Skyward at least once a week; this will help parents, guardians and students stay on top of grades and schoolwork. 


    This is my ___3rd____ year teaching at Cooper.

    I teach _____Art 1, Art 2, and Art 2 Adv_____________________. 

    I love art! I have been teaching it for 16 years, and have been making it my entire life.  My wife and I live here in the great city of Wylie with our 4 amazing kids.  She and I are also very involved in caring for children through foster care.  Teaching what I'm passionate about to young minds has always been my jam and I am excited to share that with your students in my class.

    I love being here at Cooper Junior High and being a part of the Wylie Way!

    Phone: 972-429-3000

    Email: _brian.mcclure@wylieisd.net_________________

    Degrees:  BFA Studio Art