• Welcome to Mrs. Barreraz's Art Page for Remote Learning!


  • Welcome! I am currently teaching only remote students. All students should have received an email invite to join our google classroom to participate in class. Please contact me if you have not received an invitation! I look forward to seeing you!

  • Mrs. Barreraz Remote Art Schedule


                         Davis Intermediate                       

    6th grade Art: 8:15-8:49

    6th grade Art: 8:52-9:26

    6th grade Art: 9:29-10:03

    6th grade Art: 10:06-10:40


    McMillan Junior High

    Art I: 6th period : 1:03-1:48

    Art I: 7th period: 1:54-2:39

    Art I: 8th period: 2:45-3:30




Watercolor Dog Painting