Tristen Rouse
  • Phone: 972-429-3000 x 7567


    BS in Mass Communication for Radio/ Television, Minor: Filmmaking from Stephen F. Austin State University 2018

  • Tutorial Schedule 


    8:15 - 8:55

    12:30 - 1:15



    8:15 - 8:55



    8:15 - 8:55

    12:30 - 1:15


    I will not be in after school for tutorials unless scheduled with a student. These times are great for getting in some much needed work on animations and I encourage students to utilize this as animations can easily turn into a much bigger endevour than anticipated if not planned correctly.


  • Tristen Rouse

    Current Assignment:

    Co-Teacher for A/V, Graphic Design

    Animation I & II

    Piraiders Manager



    Motion Graphic Designer at the CW39 in Houston


    Full time Substitute for Video/ Graphic Design/ Animation


    Personal Life:

    I graduated with a degree in Mass Communications - Radio/ TV and with a minor in Film. My true passion in life though was animation and so when I graduated I was very fortunate to land a job in motion design at the CW39- Newsfix in Houston. I had a blast while I was over there and am very thankful for the experience I had.

    Unfortunately it came to an end when they ended the show and I came back home. I started freelancing for a while and worked on a couple projects with Wylie ISD. Last semester they reached out to me to full time sub for them for the Audio, Video, Graphic Design, and Animation. They liked me so much, they asked me to come back and work with them to make awesome content, teach animation, and head the student run video program for the Wylie Stadium known as PiRaiders.

    As for hobbies I love to animate, play video games, board games, and go to the movies. I actually have a ticket book of all the movies I've been to the past year and I highly reccomend it! I'm also a techy and know a lot of obscure tech information for some reason.