• Student Parking Permit Information:

    Click Here for the 2020-2021 Parking Permit form.


    Dear Pirate Family:

                 This letter is an attempt to keep you informed on the construction that is headed our way at WHS. Timelines are still sketchy about when it all will actually begin, but what is clear is where it will be when school starts. The attached map is an illustration of what to expect before summer’s end. This map is especially important for those students who will be driving and wanting to park at WHS. The traditional look will be no more. I will put in bullet form below what to look for in the map.

    • There will be a construction fence erected. If you are interested in getting a feel for it just find space 371 and the center line of that row will be where the fence will be stationed for what they are telling me is the next two years. It will begin at the corner of the auxiliary gym and extend all the way past the bus loop awning to the building.
    • Notice the “New Parking” label. There will be (they promise) a new parking lot in that area when school begins.
    • We will have a map with numbered spaces for students to choose from on their day to purchase parking.
    • From the back of the building there will only be three entrances to the main building. Those will at the Health Science wing, the counselor area and the second floor above the counselor entrances. We will adjust to this and modify front entrances as needed. We anticipate the 240 front doors to be accessed by students once school begins.
    • We are going to work with our transportation department and get them to stop the buses at the counselor entrance to drop off Pirates in the mornings.
    • One can see the outline of the new part of the building once it is completed. We will get some of the parking back at that time and for sure more back entrances.
    • The area where the new building will be will not be accessible at any time by students until the construction is completed.
    • Parent drop off and pick up in the back will have a slightly different look to it and we likely advise the drop off to take place closer to the Health Science door. The usual route by the auxiliary gym will not be there.
    • Students will be allowed to walk around to the two entrances on the Kroger side of the building for the doors on both ends of the band hall.
    • Students will be allowed to choose their spots as we have in the past but with a few restrictions. Parking will be tight and we need every space to be in use. We will allow students to purchase their spots only if they have a valid driver license, insurance and a vehicle they will be bringing to school. We will no longer allow you to purchase spots if you are going to get your license during the year. We have outgrown this luxury and will not be able to do that at this time. We still have the days divided by class for purchase and, yes you can get someone else to purchase your spot for you if they have all the information and payment that day if you are on vacation for example. 
    • We will adapt to this as needs and situations evolve, but this is the basic plan to get us started. Hopefully this will give you some insight on what to expect. Thank you for your patience as we grow and prepare an even better place for our Pirates.


    Click Here to see the Parking Construction Map.