Mrs. C.V. Hardy
  • Welcome to 5th grade Advanced Math & US Social Studies!


    For Math this semester, we're going to focus on Data, Geometry and Measurement. Specifically, we will learn about coordinate planes, different models to represent and analyze data, and measurement conversions within a measurement system. We look address perimeter, area, volume, and converting within a measurement system, i.e. customary or metric. Plus, the geometric properties and relationships of different geometric figures.  

    For Social Studies this semester, we're going to discuss the expanding of the United States westward, the dividing and rebuidling of the Union during the Civil War, and the transitioning of United States to the USA of today.

    In my class, you will be expected to use critical reasoning skills, write responses to questions, make claims and support them with evidence, and work in groups projects as well as complete self-pacing assignments. It is going to be a fun-filled year!

    I am looking forward to a great year with each of you! Remember, together we are a team and as a team we will work together to help you have a success year and achieve your highest potential!