Molly Recasens
  • Hello!!! I teach GEMS and ESL here at Cooper Jr. High. 

    Mrs. Molly's Schedule:

    1st period: ESL (8:15-8:59)

    2nd period: ESL (9:03-9:51)

    Patriot Plus (9:55-10:30)

    3rd Period: GEMS (10:34-11:21)

    4th period: ESL (11:25-12:12)

    5th period: ESL (12:16-1:03)

    6th period: PLC (1:07-1:54)

    7th period: ESL (1:58-2:42)

    8th period: Conference (2:46-3:30)

  • 8th Period - Conference 

    Please feel free to contact me.


    Front Office: 9724293252