• Communication

    I use Google Classroom to post many of my assignments.  Students will be given a classroom code to gain access to my Google Classroom. I will also send out emails to remind parents and students of upcoming major grades.  The best way to contact me for questions is by email- christa.berry@wylieisd.net . I also recommend checking the gradebook which is located in Skyward at least once a week; this will help parents and students stay on top of grades and school work. 

  • Daily Schedule

    1st period ~ 8:15-8:59 ~ Conference 

    2nd period ~ 9:03-9:53  

    Patriot Plus ~ 9:57-10:24 

    3d period ~ 10:28- 11:12 (remote)

    4th period ~ 11:16-12:06

    5th period ~ 12:10-1:00

    6th period ~ 1:04-1:54 ~ PLC (planning)

    7th period ~ 1:58- 2:42 (remote)

    8th period ~ 2:46- 3:30