• Welcome to Wylie's Hope Classroom!

  • The Hope Program is designed for students in K-2 who often get derailed by behavioral mistakes and meltdowns. 

    Our team understands that some students have unique behavioral, emotional, and social needs. Our 9-18 week program applies a comprehensive social skills curriculum and multi-tiered motivation system to create - and sustain - an orderly, inclusive learning environment using the Boystown Specialized Classroom Management Education Model. This is a proactive school-based intervention program that provides all students with the positive behavior support they need to succeed.


    The Hope Program will:

    • Address students’ social and emotional deficits with a focus on teaching replacement behaviors
    • Reduce referrals and disruptive behaviors
    • Increase academic engagement and instruction time
    • Increase on-task behaviors
    • Improve student motivation
    • Increased student, parent and staff connection to school




Mrs. Candace Vasquez
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